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Adaptation of Amanda Hesser’s Spicy Orange Salad

No wonder this recipe appealed to me- it seems that my taste buds may be similar to Amanda Hesser’s. I looked for orange salads, but something with a bit of pizzazz. Amanda’s recipe is on the NYT cooking blog website. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013107-spicy-orange-salad-moroccan-style

It is also the fact of this time of year and all of the political unrest all over the world. I am so unsettled and the grayness and cold, although the sun is making kind of a feeble attempt to show her face today. So, we are having friends over tonight for a Turkish meat and bean stew, some pilav, some dessert, crusty bread, etc. and we needed an interesting salad.

My husband will probably protest the sweetness of the oranges being in the salad. ( Did you know that sweetness is only for dessert?) No, I didn’t either. But the combination of flavors in this salad, as Amanda Hesser of Food52 created it, is delightful, interesting, and delicious. I’m going to add in some spinach, some toasted pinenuts, and if I had a pomegranate, I would add in some of those beautiful red jewels. I know there is a special name, arils, but I like red jewels better. If I had some parmesan I might consider adding a few shavings. But regardless, you need to try Amanda’s recipe. Add the spinach or baby kale if you want more greens. Jazz it up however you want. Or not. I never would have put oranges and olives together, but they are made for each other.

Do yourself a favor. Go to the recipe on the NYT page. Also, check out Amanda’s blog ( https://food52.com/) and consider following her.


A Flash in the Pan: The Best Spinach Ever

Most people cook spinach far too long and it becomes mushy. ¬†And that’s a texture that not too many people like, unless it is soft-serve ice cream. Mushy vegetables, not so much. This is a recipe that most people have seen, but I think most people still cook it too long. I like to take one medium sized package of pre-washed spinach. In a pan with a lid, large enough to hold the entire package, heat up one tablespoon of oil. When sizzling, throw in 1-2 cloves crushed garlic and stir around for about 15 seconds. Throw in the entire bag of spinach and cover the pan with the lid. After about 2 minutes, check and if it so dry that the spinach is sticking to the pan, toss in a little bit of water, broth, or wine – at most 1/8 cup. Throw in a little soy sauce or salt, as well as a healthy pinch of crushed red pepper. Replace the lid. Turn off the heat, check and stir.¬†Serve. This makes two generous servings that are so yummy!!!