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Twice Baked Potatoes ala Moosewood

No, I’m not being paid by Moosewood to promote their food, but I do have several of their cookbooks and the twice-baked potato recipe is one of our favorites. This winter has been a bit interesting, even in the south. My husband declares the beginning of spring to fall on Feb. 15, the day we were walloped with an ice storm, and we’ve had snow and ice since. We’re in a winter storm watch now. But I digress. Baked potatoes are comfort food for me. And, as much as I like lentil soup in all its many versions, I have had enough thank you very much, at least for a while. So when this week’s meatless monday came around, I was like let’s have a baked potato. Doing it the Moosewood way makes it a complete meal. To find the exact recipe, go to The Enchanted Broccoli Forest Moosewood cookbook and look for rebaked potatoes. My version is almost the same with the exception of after baking the potatoes which have been rubbed with oil and salt ala Mark Bittman (i think) …splitting and scooping out the inside, I mix it with everything except the hard-boiled egg, mainly because I am sort of picky and hard-boiled eggs don’t always make the cut. (Deviled eggs, yes, but not just plain old hard boiled eggs. No thank you!). So I put cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, mustard, mayo, cayenne, a little salt in with the potato insides and mash them. Put them back in the oven, top with a slice of tomato and some more cheese and bake a little longer. AWESOME. I love this with steamed broccoli. It is comfort food at its best.


Meatless Monday Magic with Black Bean Burritos and Moosewood

I prefer to cook dried beans from scratch since I use Rancho Gordo beans and they are awesome! Plus, cooking them myself allows me to control the salt, flavorings, and any additives. I kind of like my bean burrito filling to be partially pureed, not completely smooth, but I don’t always like the texture when none of the beans are pureed. Anyway, I looked for some black bean burrito recipes on line and couldn’t find anything that appealed. So, I remembered a recipe from the Moosewood Cooking at Home Cookbook, which is a really nice little cookbook for a black bean dip which could be used as a burrito filling. I had soaked and cooked about 1 cup of midnight black beans. In a small skillet, and a small amount of oil, I sauteed a small onion and a minced large clove of garlic for about five minutes. I put the strained beans (reserving the cooking liquid), the onion, the garlic into my food processor. Next I added about 1 t. of salt, some chili powder, oregano, cumin, and whirred it until it was partially smooth. I poured in about 1/4 c. of the cooking liquid, and voila! the filling was done. Using a large flour tortilla, I spread out about 2/3 c. of the bean filling, added 2 T. salsa, some cheddar cheese, and wrapped it up. Into the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes. A dollop of light sour cream and yum! Lunch. When I make this again, I’ll add about a T. of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, chopped, and also a T. of fresh lime juice. But this was excellent!