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Time for Thyme Tea?

So, last weekend I started coughing a bit, no big deal. I tried to exercise, get rest, eat healthy so that I could knock out whatever was going on. To no avail. Yikes! The cough got way worse rather quickly. I didn’t feel that badly, not really a fever or very slight one, kind of tired, goo dripping down my throat. Well, the cough was unlike any cough I’ve had. Coughing so much I would throw up. And all sorts of other fun things. Good grief. Did call the doctor. Since I am on a cartload of meds for hypertension and my heart, some options are limited. He suggested I try an antihistamine, which has helped. But in a fit of desperation I went searching for herbal remedies. Apparently, in Germany thyme as well as other herbs are widely recognized as effective for coughs and other conditions. I could not really find a reference that was verifiable, but went to WebMd to look up supplements for cough. And lo and behold, thyme and honey, as well as some others were listed as being possibly effective.¬†http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/condition-1127-Cough.aspx?diseaseid=1127&diseasename=Cough&source=2

So, throughout the duration of this week, I’ve been drinking thyme and honey tea. I put either a bunch of thyme sprigs in a teapot and pour hot water over them. Or, I use a tea ball and put 1/2-1 tsp of dried thyme in the ball in the cup and then pour the hot water. After five or ten minutes I stir in the honey. I don’t know if it is the hot liquid or if the honey and thyme have special properties that help. All I can say is that it helps significantly. Last night in the middle of the night I got up and made a cup of the tea and brought it back to bed. Quickly, it settled my hacking. It tastes fine, although I’m a little tired of thyme right now, but it is definitely helping. I usually have awful awful coughs. My throat muscles seem to over-react and so they are in over-drive with the slightest provocation. Am so excited to find something that helps.