About Helen

I’ve been interested in food, writing, and different cultures for most of my life. As a young girl I read a book entitled The Mystery of the Golden Horn, by Phyllis Whitney, I think…which was set in Istanbul. Little did I know that probably ten years later, I would be in Turkey, married to a Turkish man. Food is such an interesting reflection of culture. Honey and yogurt are widely used in the Middle East as they are now in the West. They are both representative of the many qualities of food that we are in some cases just beginning to discover, particularly in wellness and healing. We are truly what we eat. Now that I am no longer in academic administration, I am focusing on other interests, including making feta cheese, sourdough bread, wine, soap, etc. I’m fascinated with how combining simple ingredients with skill and love results in amazing food.

For those of you interested in ethnic food, you may enjoy my new cookbook, Turkish Family Favorites, available on Amazon.com. It is a collection of our family’s favorite Turkish foods, adapted for the western kitchen.


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Making Wonderful Food with Love

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