Simple summer food: stuffed chicken breasts

We eat quite a bit of chicken and while chicken kabobs are a frequent go-to, when having company over for dinner, I don’t want to have to be dealing with standing outside watching the grill or asking my husband to do that. If it is too hot for our guests to be outside and all of us on the deck, I’d prefer to do something in the oven that doesn’t require too much attention. Stuffed chicken breasts are the perfect answer.

The recipe I used last was from The Spruce Eats ( )

I made it as directed the first time but would probably tweak it a bit the next time. One thing I did outside of the recipe was to slice the chicken breasts horizontally and then pound each half to the desired thickness. It takes less time plus results in a more manageable sized piece of flattened chicken breast. The chicken breasts in the grocery stores now are so large, that even a half a breast provides two good solid servings. Anyway, that is how I did it. I then pretty much followed the recipe, using garlic, basil, mozzarella and romano as the stuffing. After dipping the rolls in beaten egg, i rolled them in panko crumbs b/c that is what I had. This was done early in the day (or could even prep the night before and keep refrigerated until time to bake. I would tweak the stuffing a little bit, in a couple of different ways. First, I would spread the flattened chicken pieces with a mixture of dijon or honey mustard and mayo. I had used shredded mozzarella, but next time I would use fresh mozzarella and use one slice per chicken roll. I would definitely use romano or parmesan along with the mozzarella. The mayo and mustard would keep the chicken moist and give a bit more pizzazz to the flavor. Finally, I dotted each chicken roll with a little butter, although olive oil would work as well.

This works great for company because it can be done ahead and the timing is easy. I took the rolls out of the fridge about 30 minutes before the guests were due to arrive. About 15 minutes later, I preheated the oven. They went into the oven at the time the guests arrived and took about forty five minutes to cook. I allowed a bit more time than the recipe called for because they had been in the fridge. I had made wild rice pilav an hour or so earlier, as well as a salad. It is delicious and easy and nobody gets hot and sweaty or drenched outside on the deck during a rainstorm. Enjoy


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