A New Era Begins

It is a new year. Well into it, as a matter of fact. The world swirls around us, so much concern and worry throughout the world including the US. My coping strategy is to try to stay and be peaceful, focus on good, clean food, and to be mindful. There is so much I cannot change, but I can change my approach to it. That being said, we had a delightful dinner at Village Tavern Hanes Mall last night with some dear friends. Village Tavern is a fun place and the food is very good. Last night was 1/2 price wine night, which I love because it gives me the opportunity to try wines I might not try otherwise. Well, I decided to try Rickety Bridge Pinotage, which was excellent!!!! I wound up having two glasses as I did share sips with two others at the table.  Love that wine. Very interesting red from a grape native to South Africa. I liked it so much that I researched where to buy it and now have a case being earmarked for me. Once spring arrives, we will grill some meat and/or fish and enjoy this wine! It was all in all a moment of delicious relaxation in our very troubled world.