Silly Simple Chicken Prep

I feel silly even posting this, but given that it took me this many years to figure it out, maybe others will find it helpful. Some friends of ours had to move back home overseas unexpectedly and quickly (in less than a week) and so we were the lucky inheritors of much of the contents of their freezer and refrigerator. I have to admit that I am rather lazy when it comes to meat with bones. I really do not like to mess with meat that has bones at the table. I know that the bones add flavor, etc., but sorry, it just takes away my appetite. And yes, at times I think I might become vegetarian.  Sometimes I say absolutely yes. And then I feel like my body is craving meat. So there you have it.

Anyway, I had 4-5 lbs of chicken pieces, breasts and thighs, all of which needed to be used. One day I put them into the crockpot, with a tiny bit of water (less than 1 cup and about 1/2 cup white wine) along with some poultry seasoning, and garlic powder. I covered the crockpot and it cooked on low for about ten hours. The liquid was strained into a quart jar and put into the fridge overnight to allow the fat to congeal at the top. I let the meat cool maybe thirty minutes and then cut half of it into small cubes (think chicken pot pie, chicken salad) and half was shredded (tacos, enchiladas). So so easy. I used some of it the next day and froze the rest. After removing the fat from the broth, use the cooking liquid for soup, the chicken broth for the chicken pot pie, etc. Delish.

Doing it —in bulk- seemed easier for me. I like having cooked chicken ready to plug into a recipe, and it could not have been simpler. I’ve done that before, but only enough for one recipe. This involved very little hands on time and resulted in enough cooked chicken for several recipes. I know that many people like to just buy rotisserie chicken and use that meat, but this really allows one to do quite a bit at once, and then you have it on hand. Like I said at the beginning. SIMPLE!


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