Autumn Salads for Lunch

It is so easy to quickly make a delicious colorful salad with fall veggies. You don’t even miss the tomatoes and cukes if the garden has given up its last. If you are fortunate enough to have a fall garden and have lettuce, spinach and kale, you are good to go. I like to use a few leaves of lettuce, a few of spinach and then whatever else I happen to have. I really like to buy mixes of salad leaves that I wouldn’t necessarily grow…like mustard and kale and mesclun, although they are pretty easy to grow. I need to force myself to go out and plant when the weather is miserably hot, in August. But that doesn’t always happen. I like to add pumpkin seeds, red peppers, beets (pickled or roasted), red or green onion, a carrot, peeled and sliced. Tossing a few nuts on top (walnuts, peanuts, or almonds are my favorites) and top it off with a good sized scoop of low fat cottage cheese and my favorite dressing of the week. I need to start growing sprouts again….those are delicious in salads like this.. Sometimes I will slice up some turkey or throw in a small can of tuna. This is a salad that “sticks to your ribs” but also does not weigh you down. Enjoy…


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