Calorie Budgeting

This isn’t a new idea but is one that I find very helpful to use. I am not one to count calories, but I try to watch what I eat throughout the day so as not to go overboard on intake versus calorie expenditure. So, when I’m tempted to mindlessly eat something, I try to stop and think about whether whatever I am considering is really worth it in terms of a calorie budget, OR, could I spend those calories somewhere better? Better can mean more nutritious, something I like better, something I need to eat more of, etc. Sometimes that simple question can stop a bad choice in its tracks.

The other thing I’m realizing is that, sadly, not all calories are created equal. This may vary from person to person, with each individual’s metabolism and hormones. Some types of calories do not seem to give me any trouble. But others, yikes! For example, I could eat a large apple which could be about 100 calories. I would not notice any problem with the apple. But if I drink 100 calories worth of white wine, the next day my water weight will be up. Looking at the type of calorie also plays into my calorie budgeting scheme.

In recent years, many ice cream manufacturers have basically sold out and have begun making a product that has a much softer texture, and is not even labelled ice cream. Depending upon the variety one buys, the calories may be equal or lower than traditional ice cream. If I am going to consume ice cream calories, I would rather have real ice cream, as opposed to a soft, sticky product with ingredients I cannot pronounce.  Once again, that’s calorie budgeting.

Try it!


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