A Flash in the Pan: The Best Spinach Ever

Most people cook spinach far too long and it becomes mushy.  And that’s a texture that not too many people like, unless it is soft-serve ice cream. Mushy vegetables, not so much. This is a recipe that most people have seen, but I think most people still cook it too long. I like to take one medium sized package of pre-washed spinach. In a pan with a lid, large enough to hold the entire package, heat up one tablespoon of oil. When sizzling, throw in 1-2 cloves crushed garlic and stir around for about 15 seconds. Throw in the entire bag of spinach and cover the pan with the lid. After about 2 minutes, check and if it so dry that the spinach is sticking to the pan, toss in a little bit of water, broth, or wine – at most 1/8 cup. Throw in a little soy sauce or salt, as well as a healthy pinch of crushed red pepper. Replace the lid. Turn off the heat, check and stir. Serve. This makes two generous servings that are so yummy!!!


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