in anticipation of Meatless Monday

When Meatless Monday rolls around, sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to make/eat when all sorts of meaty alternatives are so already in the fridge and handy. Yesterday we watched a show on Human Planet (Mountains: Life in Thin Air) and watched as hunters snared giant bats by the use of tree nets. The bats were roasted over an open fire and would feed the men and their families for the next two weeks. It was quite interesting and involved a tremendous amount of effort.  The whole show made me feel uncomfortable for having such readily available food…so much, in fact, that many of us, myself included, are overweight.

And then I also questioned my squeamishness regarding various types of meat. On many an occasion I’ve stated that if I had to eat (fill in the blank) I would go completely vegetarian.  But, as I realized watching this show, even being able to make that choice is an indicator of great privilege. In the show the men’s children were clamoring for bat meat, as they were hungry for protein. I don’t know what, if any, vegetarian choices were available in that part of the world. Just as many people don’t have the option to choose to eat meat, many people don’t have the option to choose not to eat meat. Some people have to work so very hard for their food. We who have the choice and have food readily available are indeed privileged.

I don’t know what our meatless food will be tomorrow. But I suspect it will involve lentils and/or beans as that is what we have on hand. We are so fortunate.


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